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How to work and engage with different colour energies


We are all unique, and each have our own personality preferences and habits. Understanding ourselves is at the heart of emotional intelligence and accepting of others can really aid in building stronger and mutually respected and productive relationships, both in the work place and in our personal lives.


We are advocates of Insights Discovery, that uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they can bring to the team. These are called the colour energies, and it’s the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue energies, which determines how and why people behave the way they do. Our colour energies are determined by a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung.

What are colour energies?

But what do those colour energies mean? Here is a top-line overview of each of them:


  • Fiery Red: You will know for certain what you want to achieve. People with this preference tend to be purposeful and action oriented with great self-belief when it comes to decision making. With a motto of Be brief, Be bright, Be gone.
  • Sunshine Yellow: You will excel at developing new initiatives and relationships. People with this preference tend to be very expressive and imaginative and their natural warmth exudes when engaging others. With a motto of involve me.
  • Earth Green: you are likely to seek harmony within any team and will tend to be diplomatic and inclusive. People with a preference for this energy tend to be great listeners and seek to involve others as much as possible in decision making. With a motto of show me you care
  • Cool Blue: You are likely to value being correct in everything you do. People with a preference for this energy tend to enjoy being prepared and informed for what they are doing. They like to be accurate, objective, logical and methodical in thinking and decision-making. With a motto of give me the details.

Be Perceptive

By understanding what colour energies you and your colleagues and friends are, you can better understand how they like to communicate and interact.  The concept of Perception is very important for our self-awareness and for our ability to understand and connect with others.

Ask: When have you experienced a situation where you saw things one way and someone else saw them very differently? What was the impact of this? How did you resolve your differences? How can you overcome any biases in your perception?

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Know your Colour Energy!

Overall, understanding how we each work, enables us to adapt our styles to accommodate. Ultimately this in turn leads to improving team productivity, increases our personal effectiveness and therefore efficiency and effectiveness in delivering our objectives and targets.


So, if you would like to know what colour energies you are, or more about our Insights Discovery Programmes in general, please get in touch at Our programmes can be found here Insights Discovery