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The benefits of modular e-learning

The world we live in today is fast paced, multifaceted and more digitally dominated than we have ever seen. We can now get information quicker, from multiple sources, from around the globe at the touch of a few keys, from a range of digital devices, some of which fit in our pockets and go wherever we go.


Whilst young children are growing up in the digital era and take the above for granted, the older ones amongst us are embracing technology recognising that it can make our lives easier, provide us with knowledge and keep us connected with friends, family and colleagues more efficiently than ever. Going to the library to research a project, waiting for the post or fax to deliver you a signed confirmation order or going to a phone box to make a call are all in the dim and distant past. We have come to expect more, quicker and easier.

Leveraging tech in our current situation

And with current challenges of Covid-19 in unprecedented times, technology will be even more important to keep people connected, enable businesses to operate, continue to hold meetings virtually.

As we are all now confined to our homes, we should be able to make time for the things that often get dropped in our busy working day in the offices which has multiple distractions. We should now make time for those development conversations with our line managers, but also dedicate time to capability development. This can be done virtually, as if in a classroom, or can be self-directed learning of employees taking time to read e-learning documents or watch videos.

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Leverage E-Learning to grow your people

Technology plays a crucial part in learning. Not only by providing projected visual aids in virtual classrooms, but also with regards to accessibility, providing information at your fingertips. The web provides millions of sources of information, but technology also enables us to provide it in many different ways. Whether that be via e-learning portals, which are accessible 24/7 providing webinars, e-books, white papers and videos; Or virtual classrooms, where you can still have breakout rooms and chat rooms and facilitate learning with whiteboards. We use Adobe Connect, that enables us to deliver e-training as if you were in the room. We also provide these in Bitesize chunks, so people can absorb the fundamentals of one subject area, before moving to the next. So, whilst we are all at home, now is the time to utilise e-learning tools as they our roles easier and more effective.

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Let us help you

If you want to provide cost effective capability programmes to your employees in Bitesize chunks, or even for yourself, just look at the abundance of programmes we have available.