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What colour energy are you?


There are many personality profiling tools available that aid both individuals to better understand themselves, and for organisations to enhance team working and become an effective recruiter. Personality Profiling provides the insight into personality traits, how individuals like to work with others, be managed and how best to communicate with them. As an employer, using Personality Profiling as part of the recruitment process ensures you are hiring the individuals that are the right fit for your business and have the right attributes for a specific role.

At Bitesize Business Academy, we have identified that Insights Discovery is an effective and easy to understand profiling tool that uses a simple and memorable four colour model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they can bring to the team. These are called the colour energies which determines how and why people behave the way they do.

The extroverts…

So what colour energy are you and how is it best to communicate and work with you? Read the below to find out

  • Sunshine Yellow: Generally, these individuals are extroverted and sociable and love to verbalise their thought processes. Those with a lot of sunshine yellow energy get a buzz by being around and working with others. When those with a lot of sunshine yellow energy are left out of the equation or to work in isolation for long periods is when you will see them demotivated. To get the best out of them, involve the individual in decision making; be open and flexible; be entertaining and fun in your approach. More importantly, do not bore the individual with too many details, tie them down to routine where can’t use their creativity.
  • Fiery Red: These are also extroverted individuals and are easy to spot! They tend to be direct and to the point, and they have a need to get things done and quickly! They are action oriented and results driven. When communicating with a fiery red energy get to the point quickly: be brief, be bright, be gone. To get the best out of them, be direct and to the point, focus on results and objectives. Do not hesitate or waffle, focus on feeling or try to take control of the situation.

The more introverted…

  • Earth Green: Focus on the needs of others often ahead of their own needs. They are caring, encouraging and patient individuals which make great team players and friends. They are often the advice givers and sounding boards of this world because of their want to listen and help. However, on a bad day this can make them very indecisive and stubborn. Values are so important to those with earth green energy and their moral compass is always pointing due north. To get the best out of them, be patient and supportive, slow down and work at their pace, ask their opinion and give them time to answer. Do not take advantage of their good nature and pile the work on or push them to make quick decisions.
  • Cool Blue: Like to gather their thoughts internally before communicating ideas verbally. They are on the introverted side of the Insights Discovery wheel, so they like to think before they speak and be prepared and be organised in their thoughts. They want to do things the right way and only give a response when they have had time to gather their thoughts and review all the information, rather than feel rushed and make a wrong, ill-informed decision. To get the best out of them be well prepared and thorough, put things in writing (email follow up works great) let the individual consider the details of what you are saying. Do not go off on a tangent, invade their personal space or dismiss important issues of the person because they aren’t top of your agenda.
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Discover your colour energy

So, if you would like to know more about Insights Discovery and discover what colour energy you are, please get in touch at Our book onto one of our programmes