S7 – Core Presenting Skills

£295 + VAT PP | 3 hour virtual module. A notebook and learning journal will be sent in advance of the session

Programme Overview:

In this module we look at bringing your idea/brand/product to life for your customer. Focus on the key messages, making the complexity simple, considering how to use your body language and personal style to bring success. This is practical hands-on and challenging. As with all of our modules, it will be interactive, engaging, challenging and the team will ask tough questions of you.

What will I learn?

In this module you consider your objectives, audience and how to grab their attention. How to engage during a session using your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This whole process is wrapped in a simple framework to allow you to repeat beyond the session.

Who should attend?

This module is for individuals in customer facing roles, looking to engage more effectively with key customers. This is for the experienced sales practitioner who has mastered the core selling approach, and is looking to build deeper more impactful relationships.
Completion of Module S1 – Core Selling Skills is recommended before attending.
Completion of Module S4 – Core Selling Skills is suggested before attending.

Virtual Learning

All our programmes are delivered virtually, which means you can decide where you learn – all you need is a laptop, good internet connection, microphone and webcam.